Season One of Training a very disobedient Female submissive when you hardly have any time for her sessions (1936 until 2003)

slave caged sincerely feels,that bondage is a way of reminding slave that slave is nothing more than a lowly slave and property. by keeping slave in bondage.slave can not effectively touch it’s chastity cage,plug / dildo,gag etc. bondage also keeps slave helpless and constantly available for use, anytime, anyplace or anywhere. bondage can also be used as a humiliation training tool while in public. slave believes it should have the head of the penis repierced,as it has been pierced for a prince Albert, but instead fitted with a bell. totally humiliating,as any movement by slave, would attract more if being bound and gagged were simply not enough. being strictly bound,never allows slave to forget it was ever allowed freedom.

Female domination and superiority Stories directed byGoddess Lynn

When you read about BDSM, it’s hard not to think about bondage, ropes, cuffs etc. But for many people who want to have a Master or a Mistress, or who want to have a slave, it becomes a concern. After all, is bondage really necessary in a BDSM relationship? While it’s true that the ‘B’ seems to indicate this to be the case, all relationships have different fetishes and flavors, so maybe yours doesn’t have to include ropes. Here’s what you might want to keep in mind.

The Matter of Ropes

Ropes are symbolic of more than just some sweaty fun. Bondage, to some people, is also a way to show that the things that bind us are the things that also free us. Since most people don’t think of BDSM as a philosophy of life, let’s explain this more thoroughly. Most people have shame around sex and around their…

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via Contact Usslave caged has the distinct feeling Mistress Lynn has filmed Slave showing slave to other Superior Woman wishing to train an unruly slave, like slave caged. Slave desperately needs to be strictly discipline teaching slave the proper way slave must act at all times
Slave would certainly never forget the discipline Mistress Lynn would use on slave ever again. Mistress Lynn train slave with extreme humiliation as Mistress would take slave out in public locked,collated and leashed and dildo’d.the truth of the matter is slave would live in fear and always be one very frustrated,scared and obedient slave for Mistress or anyone Mistress would sell slave to.

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28058437_1743265022397699_2663843739264236188_nMistress Lynn you have defeated slave caged. Mistress Lynn has proven her absolute superiority over slave caged. Mistress has honestly proven that Mistress will torment slave as much as Mistress wishes and their is simply nothing slave caged is able to do about it except submit to Mistress Lynn’s superior feminine will. slave knows that Mistress Lynn has completely taken over slaves pc, and has slave under constant surveillance. slave has the feeling that Mistress has promised slave to one of her superior female friends. that wishes to have a slave permanently locked in chastity. to be honest slave is kind of surprised Mistress Lynn has not planned out some elaborate way to get slave proper slave training.